Power Distance Straight

  - Nike
* 2 Piece Construction
* Responsive Ionomer cover
* Cover helps to minimize side-spin and hit more fairways

  xamilo - 5/4/09
The PD Straight its an awesome ball for high handicappers. It DOES give you straight shots for fairways, no doubt at all. Averagely long ball as you'd expect from a 2-piece low spin ball. Looks are awesome as with any Nike Ball with its little swoosh. Don't expect a lot of spin from the wedge shots though. Some players will find it a little hard for putting, but I think its just getting used to it.

Overall, if you decided to take the game of golf, don't deceive yourself thinking you need a $5 ball to play well. What you need is to find fairways, and this ball is PERFECT for doing so. For around $12 a dozen you can't go wrong...
  BobOlater - 2/12/13
  Mr.ParMan - 10/1/10
  adam21 - 12/25/09
  Mizzou12 - 7/5/09
  PingRhoda - 7/1/09
  bkkerr_07 - 5/30/09
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