RZN Black

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The RZN Black was introduced on March 1, 2014 as one of four RZN models. Targeted toward better players, the four-piece RZN Black is a low-spin ball that is advertised as 10% softer than Nike's 2013 20IX. A lighter-weight core permits Nike engineers to move more weight to the perimeter for better stability.
  hp - 11/26/14
A top of the line ball available in yellow color.

Ball durability is outstanding. No scuff marks after 3 rounds with the same ball, unlike the new ProV1s that scuff up after one solid wedge shot.

I'm sold with this ball.

  andyekk - 8/17/15
  thegull85 - 5/21/15
  Cando - 11/11/14
  snake1713 - 10/6/14
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