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These 3-piece balls are designed for higher velocity and extra distance, and feature TaylorMade's "React" core and "SpeedMantle," which creates a higher coefficient of restitution for less driver spin, resulting in longer drives. The softer cover provides extra spin around the greens for better stopping power.
  hollywoodtimb - 6/10/13
Is it just me or do these balls make you lose distance???? I was never a fan of the burner line of balls and these seem to be the same ball. Too bad. They look great and don't scuff as easy as some, but they don't check on the greens for me either.
  coojofresh - 8/25/12
really nice feel. i love the soft cover & these things hit a ton.
  A-Train - 3/26/14
  golfdj - 5/26/13
  antpacif - 2/26/13
  Hildebrand - 10/17/12
  rhams17 - 9/23/12
  lanceamador - 9/6/12
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