- Snake Eyes
The Snake Eyes SDF has a large high-energy core and thin cover that converts swing speed into long, hot and straight shots. This ball has a superior 360 dimple pattern and low compression for a superior feel.
  greendevil - 10/15/10
I really like the Snake Eyes SDF balls; especially for the value. I purchased 30 balls for $19.99 and feel this is probably the best ball for the money. These balls are just as long as many other balls I have played and I really love how they feel when putting. I will buy Snake Eyes balls again.
  MOSQUITO - 7/19/09
I like snake eyes a lot. They're cheap. They last. And I like the way they feel when connecting with my driver.
  khorton01 - 7/15/09
These balls are rocks coated in plastic. They are great if you loose a lot of balls but other than that... don't risk denting your clubs.
  knightsgoalie39 - 5/11/12
  fbcstan - 6/28/11
  skate328i - 7/13/10
  Chris Grahek95451 - 1/29/10
  Jesten Tice - 12/16/09
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