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The Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls are a short-game weapon with maximum control and a soft feel. It's no secret that the new groove rules instituted by the USGA are designed to reduce spin off wedges and short irons, placing more of a premium on shot-making.
  foundtherough - 8/22/11
This or the tour Iz are my favorite ball to date. I like them over the pro-v1s. They feel amazing coming off the club face but still carry well. The soft cover doesnt hold up well, but no others do either.
  Sean Murphy - 8/1/11
Gives feel and control around the green that is as good as advertised without being as finnicky on slightly off-center hits as other "short game" balls. Has made a significant impact on my game; check my stats if you don't believe me, I made the switch on 7/24 and I'm never going back!
  manny.101 - 3/16/10
AMAZING GOLF BALL!!! If you thought the "Tour i" was a good ball well you would be blown away with the superior feel and performance you get from this ball. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! BEST BALL sold to date.
  MRgolf - 7/11/15
  mstrefas - 7/27/13
  erik_roe - 6/29/13
  BobDomecq - 4/23/13
  windowsurfer - 4/4/13
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