Z-Star XV (Tour Yellow)

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Introduced in 2011, the Z-Star XV was Srixon's first four-piece ball, designed for players with 95+ MPH swing speeds. It features a large "Dual-Core" for more distance. The thin urethane cover was designed for an ideal combination of distance and green-side spin-control, with a very thin ionomer layer in between.
  hp - 9/12/11
Spins less off the driver, so drives are longer and straighter, yet there is plenty of spin off the irons and pitches...don't know how they do that, but they succeeded. Shot 1 under in a tournament the first time I used it...sounds like a commercial but it's true!
  The_BigWave - 6/23/16
  tIcTaCs - 7/7/15
  navykip - 7/22/14
  jt082590 - 4/18/14
  Duke of Hazards - 3/26/14
  golfbybryan - 7/18/13
  miboy - 5/24/13
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