- Bridgestone
The new e5 golf ball uses its unique 2-piece urethane cover construction to help golfers who have a desire to add more height to their shot trajectory.
  Bryan K - 8/30/11
This is my "regular" ball. I have trouble with the ProV's because they just spin too much. They tend to balloon on me, and that makes them tough to control. These bad boys have plenty of spin. They stop on a dime and release when I want them to. When my game is on, this is the ball I play.
  PurdueKev - 6/20/11
Ball has a tendency to upshoot and land short, especially the harder you hit it. Ends up about a club shorter than the Penta I regularly play. Not much wedge feel or spin on less than full pitches around the greens.
  swanman5454 - 6/20/11
Very good ball for the money! This ball has good feel and distance and has a good straight flight. Does give up a little spin around the greens to the premium balls but still checks and stops up nicely. I would recommend every mid capper to give this a shot! Anyone who wants to add distance and wants a straighter flight shoud try the e6!
  miyorick - 8/2/10
Just switched from the PRO V1. This ball doesn't have as much spin but has good carry and feel. For half the price of the PRO V, it's a winner!
  dalton_peel - 7/9/15
  comeffex - 9/16/14
  jpdstephen - 6/25/14
  smokeybones - 4/16/14
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