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  - Bridgestone

  KORNBLUHG - 11/12/09
Used for first time. Drives were higher and longer. Almost no scuffing. Like these balls alot
  ploleary - 5/1/09
Just finished first round with these, they certainly do help minimize sidespin off the tee, and I got a few to spin back on the green which I never do with the Maxfli's that I usually use. Didn't scuff very much as well and I only lost one so thats usually a great sign. Recommended for the price.
  Matt F - 3/28/12
  JohnnyShin - 8/15/11
  lorenz_0016 - 6/29/11
  klylen - 6/22/11
  Toga.swoga - 3/9/11
  fdc - 2/25/11
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