- Bobby Jones
Designed by Jesse Ortiz with the same technology as the Classic fairway metals, these hybrids are designed to replace the hard-to-hit long irons. Rather than designing hybrids that look like irons, Ortiz's philosophy takes advantage of the clubhead's low and deep center of gravity, its wide bodied triangle-of-stability (TOS), and its versatile contoured sole.
  H Head - 2/25/13
Great club...great value..I have the 19 degree ... picks the ball off the tight Florida lies very nicely. Feels great also. My go to club
  golfnut358 - 12/18/11
Great club,first time I hit it.Ball jumps off the face very nicely.Club over all has a fantastic feel with good trajectory.Picked it up for $79.00,so the price was more than right.
  tmcwilli - 4/17/09
I have played 9 holes twice with this club, never went to the driving range, scored 2 under my handicap, replaced 4 clubs with the hybrid 5w from Bobby Jones. I get 50 more yards than from any other fairway wood that was in my bag.
  BAKE_DAWG40 - 7/31/08
WOW!!! If I could hit my 3 iron the way I hit this club, I could play on tour. These clubs are a MUST have for any player!
  The_BigWave - 7/30/14
  Mitch Jones - 6/18/13
  andyy - 2/4/13
  ayysolapsu09 - 12/1/12
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