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FT Fusion

  - Callaway
The cornerstone of Fusion Technology is the use of multiple materials in the construction of the clubhead to create more discretionary weight. The new FT-Hybrid combines a stainless steel face, sole and body with a lightweight carbon composite crown, allowing Callaway Golf engineers to reposition the resulting discretionary weight to optimize the perimeter weighting and create a high moment of inertia for enhanced stability and forgiveness.
  chris1fman - 9/28/13
  drumstick22 - 8/12/13
  PSYCD - 5/23/13
  Polaris90 - 3/31/13
  Lamertina - 3/26/13
  leedsforever - 10/10/12
  RalfSchiffer - 5/28/12
  kliss57 - 4/2/12
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