PT 585.H

  - Titleist
The new 585.H utility metals blend the best playing characteristics of fairway metals and long irons to provide greater versatility and shot making options from the tee, fairway and rough.
  arnkim - 3/3/10
Replaced my 3 iron with the 21*. Perfect for tight par 4's or long par 3's.
Holds greens surprisingly well.
  JLH - 11/12/09
Great if you need 15yds. more than your 3 iron can deliver. Hasn't let me down yet!
  Banker85 - 9/14/09
21* stiff steel
most reliable club in my bag! great from the rough or fairway! awesome club!
  Dave McGee - 10/12/14
  merchntm - 5/21/14
  Kiwihacker - 10/23/13
  975Jvs - 9/12/13
  sithNOY - 6/27/13
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