Rescue Dual

  - TaylorMade
Introduced in 2005, TaylorMade's Rescue Dual has two ports for interchangeable weights that allow the golfer to change the CG location to optimize initial launch trajectory, control, and distance. The widely-spaced ports also increase MOI for longer, straighter shots.

The RH version was manufactured in 16°, 19°, 22°, and 25° lofts. The LH version was available in 19° and 22° lofts.

  Photomegus - 2/21/10
If I had to play a round with only one club, this would be the one. I'm very much an amateur, but with this club I can play straight down the fairway with a high level of confidence, or apply fade, at will. Not much cop at applying draw just yet, but I guess that'll be me not the club, so I'll just have to keep practising :o)
  magicmagician - 10/13/15
  D-rok - 5/29/15
  #n o t a c l o n e - 5/9/15
  Angry Golfer - 6/28/14
  wesco24 - 6/16/14
  naddotta - 4/19/14
  mbomber1 - 10/29/13
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