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Wilson Staff® FYbrids™ fuse fairway woods and hybrids into one easy-to-understand family of fairway utilities. The result is simpler club selection and easier-to-hit options for long-distance needs. The key to the FYbrid™ System is that each club is individually engineered with unique loft and length combinations to deliver consistent distance gaps throughout the family.
  kisernl - 2/19/10
I have the 27* 5 iron replacement. This is by far the easiest to hit hybrid I have ever used. Good height and hits straight at the target (even decent distance and direction on mishits).
  NguyenChau14 - 1/11/15
  bigguygonz - 12/26/12
  LoganJohn7 - 7/30/12
  bomber7 - 5/31/12
  regbes - 4/6/12
  MB 2.0 - 2/26/12
  Sabah Malaysia - 1/22/12
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