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The first thing you'll notice after hitting the 3DX Iron is how far you hit them! Cast from 431 stainless steel, the 3DX has a remarkably thin and strong face, creating a very high C.O.R. to promote faster ball speed. Twenty grams of weight were saved from the face and redistributed in two perfectly balanced tungsten-polymer fused inserts (XW Inserts) on the back of the clubhead.
  georgelohr - 10/19/09
Bought these looking for higher ball flight and more distance than my previous PingEye knock-offs. It worked, I have about 85 rounds with these things and they get the ball up and moving very well. The only down side being that the iron set goes PW-5 (with a 10 iron). So you have a yardage gap without the hybrids that come as the 4Hy and 3Hy. But with the decreased lofts, you have a 5i that is a 190Yd club (more like a 4i in a conventional set). Maybe a 7W would fill the gap between the 5i and 5w. Quality of these clubs is great! Value is awesome...easy to find this 5i-PW set new for under $100 including shipping!
  diegomirenda78 - 1/26/13
  sergtz - 6/3/12
  jweber8 - 3/2/11
  ecseps - 5/2/10
  holen1 - 4/26/10
  panzer448 - 9/7/09
  sortman68 - 7/26/09
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