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King Cobra II

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These King Cobra II Oversize irons are an offset iron aimed at middle to high handicap golfers. The oversize head and transitional cavity weighting offer superior forgiveness, and the progressive offset offers accuracy. Try one of the longest, straightest, easiest to hit iron that Cobra has ever made!
  birdieXris - 3/30/10
A truly great set of irons. I bought them when they first came out and used until about 2 years ago. They held up very well. Forgiving and easy to swing with great feel. I had to bail on them because i got better and they were a little more difficult to work than other irons. If you can find them (since they're such a popular club now) i'd snag them up. they're sure to improve your game.
  BK88 - 3/12/09
You can pick these bad boys up easily now on ebay! They were high-end in '94, but extremely cheap now. They play really well, with good feel, and the matte finish stands in stark contrast to the gaudy, shiny "pimp" sticks so many fell they have to play (or rather be seen carrying) nowadays.
I waiting 15 years to complete my entire set of irons from 1 & 2 iron through GW and SW all in Cobra II. It was worth the wait!
  DFReuter415 - 1/29/13
  Griend - 7/14/12
  Fatduke - 5/30/12
  clmdigga - 4/2/12
  srosenberg5 - 8/19/11
  FORTENBAUGH - 6/25/11
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