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The new MP-30™ features a classic head design for players seeking a half-cavity for playability and the maneuverability of a forged muscle back. The MP-30™ offers golfers a clean look at address with a traditional top line, cambered sole, and cosmetics emblematic of Mizuno's legendary MP line of irons. Already making an impact on the PGA Tour, the MP-30™ is an instant classic.
  taylormadefan87 - 9/30/09
ive played many rounds with these that i got used from a friend who said he couldnt hit them. i have had nothing but good luck with these Mizunos. im considering buying a set new or in better condition than the ones i have now. the Mizuno MP-30 is a great buy.
  tedkendrick - 7/10/09
Great irons for an awesome price if you can find a good used set. I paid under $200 at my local shop for a full set and couldn't be happier. Super workable and have that buttery feel when hit flush. However, they are still forgiving on minor mishits. I've hit all the new Mizunos and can't see any reason to spend $900 on new ones when these are just as good. The MP-52's are the only ones that I'd consider upgrading for, but that's a lot of money for probably not much difference in performance.
  TGreen22 - 4/13/09
i think there is a reason why mizuno left the cut muscle to go back to the dual cavity design
  The Kiwi - 7/12/08
Play like blades, forgiving, solid. These clubs are so under rated and preform better than newer clubs today.
  kimsan425 - 8/20/13
  mperry - 5/15/13
  thunderhorse44 - 4/28/13
  EvanIssan18 - 4/20/13
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