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Forged 681

  - Titleist
Introduced in 2001, the very attractive 681 irons were forged from 1030 mild carbon steelfeatured a traditional thin sole with moderate camber, a generous entry-angle on leading edge, and more bounce than Titleist's DCI 990 and 981.

They were available in 1-iron (17°) through 9-iron (44°) and PW (49°) with 0.080" offset (except the 1-iron) and D2 swingweight.

  Cody Husak - 5/6/10
These clubs have taught me how to strike the ball correctly. blade are all anyone under 50 years old should use. They made golf challenging yet rewarding. If u ever use blade ull never go back and never should. I got mine used for 200 bucks and I will never part ways with them. And the beautiful thing about blades is they never go out of style and the next years brand really has no technological advances, there clubs ull always be able to play. I went from a 21 handicap down to a 9 last summer and getting close to getting even lower then that this summer, I cant wait to use them each and every day.
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