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Forged 755

  - Titleist
Introduced in 2005, the 755 irons were forged from 410 stainless steel and featured a slightly lower CG position for easier initial launch, but a medium-high flight. The red dampening chip in the cavity dampens vibration, while dual hosel lengths, progressive bounce angle, and a specially-designed sole manage trajectory and provide predictable performance from a variety of turf conditions.

2-iron (19°) through 9-iron (43°) and PW (47°). D2 swingweight.

  DougE - 5/10/10
Update: Purchased these used specifically to help me transition from my old Cleveland CG4s to my planned purchase of Titleist AP2s in the spring. Thought these would be a great stepping stone to a pure players club. Never expected them to perform as well as they do. I LOVE them! After playing 15 rounds or so, plus tons of range time, I am in no hurry to get the AP2s which I had planned to purchase by now. I may buy them eventually, but for now my 755s are the best clubs I have ever played with. They play about a 1/2 club to full club longer for me than my CG4s. ANd much more workable. I may just play them all season, and beyond.
  noonan - 8/21/08
I just got these and 4 rounds convinced me to sell my Ping G5's. I've always played a draw, but with the 755's I'm now able to have much better spin control. Don't play 3 or 4 as they are not as easy to hit as the Pings, but I have hybrids now for that.
  tanman1150 - 5/17/16
  Skinzoid - 4/11/13
  joke329 - 9/10/12
  Jkoepp - 8/17/12
  jmeier - 4/11/12
  azharariff - 1/25/12
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