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Miura Giken Japan introduces their all new MB-5003 blade, the latest evolution in Miura's 5000 series blades. A slight increase in sole width and face thickness produces Miura's best muscle back feel at impact ever. A WDD Accurate forged straight neck design blade made for more forgiveness even less advanced golfers to feel confident and be more agressive with the ball.
  mogulpal - 11/8/09
I can only comparing this Miura agains big name such as Honma, Mizuno's comparable blades. After all I found Miura MB-5003 exceeds my expectations in the following ways:

1) Forgiveness: consider it is blade, off center hit left or right of sweet spot (by up to 0.5 inch) are not as bad as other brand. Lost of distance is fairly small (5 to 10% loss). Hitting closer to heel launched the ball higher (10~15% loss),

2) Excellent feel, probably the best feel of all forged on market. When hitting on sweet spot, ball and club feel like 2-in-1. Very small vibration on my NS PRO 750GH shafts.

3) Distance. Quite acceptable for me: about 145 to 150 for 7 irons on sweet spot for moderate speed swinger like me (86 mph for driver ...)

4) Workability. I am not quite there. However, drawing the ball is much easier ( too easy) and too much out of hand. I am just going to hit straight.

My handicap: ~ 14.
  katsuya kusunoki - 11/2/12
  Bradynel - 8/25/11
  ghoonk - 9/5/10
  holeout - 12/7/09
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