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VR TW Forged

  - Nike
These Nike Victory Red TW Forged Blade irons feature an advanced muscle-back design which perfectly positions the CG (center of gravity) for the ultimate in control and shot-shaping - as demanded by the No. 1 golfer in the world. Made of 1025 carbon steel, the material of choice for accomplished players, each clubhead is forged and machined to preciese tolerances for unsurpassed feel. Computer-controlled milling creates flat faces that ensure uniform ball compression for consistent ball flight.
  legia - 12/27/11
This is so exciting in look and whenever I go to the course, my bag always gets most of the caddy's eyes.

I have been using this since I started playing golf more than a year ago and my hdcp goes gradually lower while I feel more and more control of my ball trajectory.
  imaeyeguy - 9/18/09
These are Tiger's clubs and when hit in the sweet spot, it feels like butter. Off center hits don't "sting" as bad as previous blades. Above average distance and very workable left or right. You don't have to be a scratch player to own these, anyone below a 10 will find these to perform beyond expectations. Lastly, one look and it's love at first sight, they are just so soft on the eyes.
  magicmagician - 10/13/15
  smoothisfast - 5/24/15
  ingishi - 4/14/15
  smusser29 - 1/31/15
  rmezz111 - 6/7/13
  mscalea - 4/15/13
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