Beres MG802

  - Honma
he head design is made to suit everybody from average golfers to better players, with a focus on maneuverability and control. The gooseneck structure of the head enables the golfer to positively nail the ball.
  mogulpal - 7/14/08
MG801 is probably the best game improvement CB and forged irons on the market; and the shaft technology is quite amazing. After test many big name brands on the market, Honma still surpass them in distance, spin control and forgiveness.

For example comparing 7 irons, it gives me 155 yards with modest speed (my driver speed is 86 mph) and ball stops quickly (within 5 ft). With less loft (30 degree), it surprised me that it didn't roll 10 yards or more. Excellent stop control.

  Ping0729 - 5/7/11
  kien4x4 - 7/23/10
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