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The MP-53 irons feature a Diamond Muscle design and "V" slot Milled Pocket Cavity™. Checking all the boxes required to be an MP model, the MP-53 has the head size, playing profile, and top line to please even the most demanding shotmakers.
  mscmarkt - 5/12/12
Just purchased. 1 round and I felt a great iron today. Stoked on purchase.
  Chill - 1/22/12
I have been playing Mizuno MX clubs for a number of years now. At 53 years old my handicap has been sitting around 12 for a while so it was time to step things up. Got the MP53's ordered from Mizuno USA with Project X Graphite 5.5 shafts, lie adjusted to fit me.
These irons look incredible sitting behind the ball. The remind me of the Wilson Staff blades I played 20 years ago. They have the solid feel of blades with more forgiveness than the MX25's I was playing. I do not know what magic Mizuno did when they designed these clubs but they got it right.
Now for the Project X Graphite shafts. I have tried graphite in the past and never been happy. Have KBS Tour 90's in MX25's, they are stiff flex shafts that have been soft stepped once. The feel swinging the PX Graphites is very similar, the weight is almost identical to the KBS 90's and the feel when swinging is much like a steel shaft. the launch angle is between medium and high and the ball flight looks just like PX steel shafts I have tried.
It is not often that you find a set of clubs that fit you perfectly but I think I have really found them in these MP53's. Mizuno is still making the best irons in the world.
  fineus - 9/7/15
  parkerdw2 - 6/29/15
  Paden - 3/10/15
  gorto608 - 5/19/14
  edzle - 5/15/14
  Jerry Collins - 5/15/14
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