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Improving upon the successful Ci6 irons, the new Wilson Ci7 irons offer a tour inspired blend of power and control. The new Ci7 features a mid-size head preferred by most golfers, delivering the look of a tour iron with the forgiveness of an oversized iron. Its advanced weight distribution creates high MOI and maximum forgiveness. A great iron for the player that requires slightly more forgiveness.
  bad_andy - 7/6/09
My handicap dropped by 1.6 points in four rounds playing these clubs (from 13.9 to 12.3). Bottom line...I'm hitting more GIR. Love them, especially for the price! Update: I'm down to 10.8 after six rounds!!
  Cory1220 - 2/7/17
  niterider56 - 1/24/15
  guycorp - 6/6/13
  ghulley - 5/1/13
  Oldhack - 12/7/12
  DFReuter415 - 10/26/12
  BlameMe - 7/30/12
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