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Introducing Boxer Technology, the latest breakthrough in hybrid shaping and performance from Adams Golf. You'll get a straighter and longer ball flight with these new hybrids thanks to the ultra-high moment of inertia (MOI) — 30 to 70 percent higher than leading hybrids. A cambered sole, designed to cut through turf interference, gets the ball up in the air with a consistent, smooth feel on every swing.
  Duke of Hazards - 11/24/08
Good game improvement clubs. I like the red/black graphics and I got them online for $390 for the set, which is a great value. I don't think it was a good move having 3 hybrids (the 5-iron is also a hybrid) as it creates too big a gap between the 6 iron and 5 hybrid-iron (for me, about 15-20 yards) at a fairly common distance. Anything 185-200 yards I have to think hard about. Appears ADAMS realized this and went back to just 3- and 4- hybrids in their IDEA A4 series.
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