Signature Series Golf Set SS460x

  - Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus Signature Series Golf Set SS460x

3 & 4 Hybrid Irons
5 – PW, SW Undercut Irons

  subnetangel - 4/13/09
These Clubs are agreat starter set, it has everything you need to get into the Game. The irons are greate, but the driver and putter take a little getting used to. For 299.99 at Costco you can not go wrong.
  PhillyC - 12/29/08
As a high handicap golfer (~18) I can say this set is is easily the best value you'll find. At $250 for the entire set, the quality if these clubs is unmatched. I received these clubs as a Christmas gift from my wife (yes I have the greatest wife ever) and have played with them twice already. Outside of the driver, I can say that I'm hitting the ball straighter and longer than I ever have. The 3i-hybrid and 4i-hybrid are incredible. The drive is the only club I'm not so keen on. It has a HUGE head and I can't seem to hit it properly. Other than that I love this set and recommend them for any mid to high-handicap golfer.
  Ferny6 - 8/13/10
  bike699 - 9/28/09
  lpspann - 8/8/09
  Breaking120 - 7/7/09
  bdubz06 - 4/14/09
  CaLm719 - 12/3/08
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