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The compact Blade is designed with less offset, providing better players with a solid feel and the ability to shape shots. A thin top line and an aesthetically pleasing appearance create a classic profile for added confidence over the ball. The insert enables Ping to achieve the precise tolerances required for building great performing golf clubs.
  PingRob - 11/19/09
I got them in 1999, so good I still cannot replace them. I am a little sad that the USGA is going to force me to retire them by 2014. Trajectory, feel and control are the best I have ever played. This is the club that got me to switch to a cavity back from a blade.
  Jim Jam 69 - 1/12/15
  jvahlberg - 7/9/14
  mikev88 - 5/20/14 - 5/19/14
  dlhole - 8/18/13
  McBogga - 2/15/13
  jeepjae - 7/2/12
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