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r7 CGB

  - TaylorMade
The r7 CGB MAX iron incorporates Inverted Core Technology (ICT), a metalwood breakthrough used to expand the size of the COR zone in TaylorMade drivers. ICT changes the way the clubface behaves at impact and increases the size of the zone that delivers high initial ball speed. This makes the r7 CGB MAX more forgiving and easier to launch and promotes "constant distance" - exceptional yardage, shot after shot.
  1208bobby - 9/29/14
Great iron eze to hit vary straight! With lots of power!
  jay125 - 8/27/09
Definitely improved my game and added 10 yds to each stick with greater accuracy and consistency
  mhlax99 - 6/9/14
  golfmania - 9/13/10
  Lalo Martinez - 8/31/10
  pro-dazza - 6/13/10
  RabMcRabs - 6/11/10
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