Circa '62 No.3

  - Scotty Cameron
The Circa 62 No.3 has a milled back pocket, engraved site dot on the topline, and a flat-front plumbing neck for those who prefer a socket-shafted setup. As a genuine Scotty Cameron putter—milled and assembled entirely in the U.S.—the No. 3 is a hi-performance putter with deep roots in the Classics and Handmades.
  aglazier - 9/23/14
This is the "softest" non-insert putter that I've ever used.

Don't make the same mistake I did and put a fat grip on it or you will lose this putter's best characteristic-the feel/touch.
  Leatherneck - 5/8/09
I think that this is one of the finest putters in the world. This is THE last putter I will own!!!!
  fsy13 - 3/11/13
  andrux - 11/2/12
  jmhowell79 - 9/25/11
  inok11 - 8/29/11
  carlspackler - 5/15/11
  Bigbuck0611 - 9/26/10
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