Circa '62 No. 2

  - Scotty Cameron
Scotty designed the Circa 62 No.2 with a milled back pocket, which perfectly balances weight between the heel and toe. The engraved site dot on the topline and the rounded, curved neck give a clean look at the ball at address. As a genuine Scotty Cameron putter—milled to perfection and assembled entirely in the U.S.—the No. 2 is a performance-focused putter with deep roots in the Classics and Handmades.
  Jimboslice817 - 1/17/14
I love this putter. Its comes off the face true and perfect roll every time.
  Agustin - 7/17/12
Truest rolling putter I ever tried with incomparable feel.
  John55Ford - 8/22/14
  Volsouthpaw - 1/20/14
  Reynaldo - 1/14/14
  LongTimeAway - 8/25/12
  mcampeau - 9/15/11
  s.mck89 - 9/6/11
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