EZ Roll ZR5

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  dd71182 - 7/23/11
Found this putter for around $10 on clearance and wanted to try a mallet out. I found out that I loved the feel of the club but had trouble making the adjustment from a blade. After switching between the two for a while i decided to make the full on switch to my new cheap putter. and haven't looked back since. All my buddies are playing high dollar putters and this thing putts just as good as those things. The only real problem I had with the thing was the cheap grip that came with it. made a quick change on that and got the exact grip I wanted, and now the club looks better, and feels better.
  6engineboss - 6/1/10
GREAT club for the money! I can swing this club on a straight line better than I can with a $200+ putter. I was willing to spend up to $300 on a new putter and this is the one I chose. Putters are very individual. If you can swing a certain model well, it doesn't matter how much it costs!
  tuggle055 - 10/8/09
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