Red X2

  - Scotty Cameron
What separates the Red X and the Red X2 is the shaft configuration. The Red X2 has a straight, no-offset shaft that is positioned just back of center. Players on Tour were asking for a traditional mallet so Scotty listened, got to work and came up with two different designs for the “cabriolet.” He started with the shape, which he wanted to keep simple, and experimented with different metals to achieve the sound and feel that complements the design.
  timrabara1975 - 5/25/12
I Found one for sale on CRAIGSLIST for 10.00 because the shaft was bent bad....Took it to Golf MArt In San Diego, had it reshafted and regripped...GOOD as new...I have been hitting birdies and par puts from long and short all day.....THIS IS THE BEST PUTTER THAT I HAVE EVER USED....THE feel is SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your looking to improve your putting you cant beat the X2 putter
  BaneKane - 7/22/12
  scottarmour - 6/25/12
  paulnakada - 11/21/11
  BobDomecq - 1/2/11
  JerseyMike - 1/9/10
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