Studio Stainless Newport 2.5

  - Scotty Cameron
The Newport 2.5 has the same great attributes as the refined Newport 2 head but with a short, flowing Santa Fe style neck for more toe flow. The 2.5 feels soft and responsive from the use of 303 stainless and the slightly wider head gives the putter a strong, confidence-inspiring look. The single sightline makes for easy alignment and the finish is a beautiful soft beaded mist, which eliminates glare. Another great attribute of the 303 stainless is its durability.
  kerry dewalt - 7/6/08
this is a very nice putter,an maybe the last one i,will buy
  swicker - 9/26/16
  BCinSC - 7/27/15
  QuocMen - 6/18/15
  deadliner - 5/7/14
  brianbenbow - 9/23/13
  Jay Ramos - 4/1/12
  vualui - 12/28/11
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