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Redwood Anser Black Satin

  - Ping
Made from high quality 303 stainless steel, the Ping Redwood Series Putter pays tribute to the home of the original PING putter — Redwood City, California. It was in Karsten Solheim's garage that this equipment revolution was born and with it came the commitment to quality and innovation found in this 100% milled putter series.
  jevans - 8/28/09
I wasn't in the market for a new putter but was at the store trying them out. I tried different ones and really liked the feel of the Anser. Then I tried it in 33" and was sinking a lot of putts (at the store). I liked the feel and weight of the Redwood Anser but the price tag was bothering me.
I then read somewhere that 'people will spend hundreds of $$ on a new driver, that they hit about 12-14 times a round, but go cheap on a new putter which they may use 36 times a round.
That logic made sense, so I bought the Ping Redwood Anser.
It's a quality putter and at the 33" length, I am putting much better. I am currently averaging 1.9 putts per hole.
Sure, if I cut my old putter down to 33", I may have had the same results... but what fun would that be?
  jkcole07 - 4/13/09
I love this putter. great classic look and well work the $$$. I was considering the Cameron putters but this but far was the better value. love the milled face after playing an insert for several years. Will maintain value and would suggest buying lightly used.
  iluv5pam - 8/12/08
this putter has shaved several strokes off of my handicup. i was wondering why i couldn't putt for the past 2 years and its because i was using an insert putter like an odyssey, but once i went back to a metal face putter with such great address and feel, i step up to that hole and dunk putts on the regular.
  moneytex - 11/29/12
  austin.johansen - 4/22/12
  juangherrera1 - 3/2/12
  golfpig4 - 5/21/11
  Paul E.P. - 3/22/11
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