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Rossa TP by Kia Ma Monaco

  - TaylorMade
The TaylorMade TP Kia Ma Putter is designed by the skilled hands and practiced eye of a genius. It has a pure, clean and elegant look that pleases the eye and every edge, curve and surface is composed with the utmost precision, balance and care. It is milled from end to to end of soft 1018 carbon steel and finished in Midnight Black. The feel, sound and sensitivity are unlike any other putter.
  tcjonny - 10/6/10
I switched to this putter after oodles of research and one of the best instructors in the country recommending it to me. It is a putter that wonderfully fits my stroke and set up.

I switched from a Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport model that I had custom made for me that I loved, however this putter gets the ball rolling like night and day compared to my Scotty.

My stroke is fairly upright, but I also like the toe of my putter to swing through my stroke and my hands to hang lower, so my stroke is somewhat blended. This putter is phenomenal for that, and lets me align the putt exceptionally well.

The one thing that I am fighting with it compared to my Scotty is the weight. My Cameron was a 305g head, which I enjoyed fairly good distance control on many of the greens I play normally, usually somewhere around 9 on the stimp, but the 335g head on the Kid Ma is built more for faster greens, more towards 10 or 11, which is faster than what I normally play for the most part.
  tIcTaCs - 2/6/14
  mattykgolf - 9/23/13
  BrianMU - 4/11/12
  hicksinbearcreek - 3/12/12
  DaBon1 - 2/7/11
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