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Studio Select Laguna 1.5

  - Scotty Cameron
The Laguna 1.5 has a milled sight line in the flange, the dancing Scotty Cameron red cord grip and a stepless shaft, providing a clean view of the ball at address. With its bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, translucent red lacquer paintfill, precision milled 303 stainless steel head and factory interchangeable weights—which can be changed by the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop—the Laguna 1.5 is Scotty’s complete overhaul of a classic putter, the Laguna.
  Dilla - 8/19/10
This putter is a SHARP SHOOTER if you can ever put your hands on it-ACCURATE AS EVER-Your confidence will go through the ROOF!!! A BEAUTIFUL LOOKING PUTTER AS WELL!! I ALWAYS get compliments on it!!
  jdlopez - 6/20/13
  smatthews - 3/19/12
  eddie_barrett - 1/28/12
  akx8231 - 5/19/11
  Hfree66 - 9/14/10
  z71bcm - 9/1/10
  Lupus003 - 11/23/09
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Average Handicap: 11.7
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