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Heavy Putter L3-M

  - Boccieri Golf
The Heavy Putter L3-M is a traditional cutaway-channel small mallet in the mid-weight (600-gram) category. The L3 is face-balanced and has a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft with a half shaft of offset. A unique three-line alignment system centers the top line and two framing lines in the lower channel. The putter's thin-face design promotes crisper feel at impact and improves MOI.
  birdieXris - 5/21/10
The putter has a very solid feel over the whole face. It still gives feedback if you hit it a little low on the face, or the toe or wherever, but it puts a great roll on the ball. I haven't hit any "bouncer" mishits with it yet. Long putts take some getting used to in order to get your feel. Sets up well, swings very smooth.
  mnky3820 - 7/20/12
  bulldogg - 11/5/10
  mamclch - 9/2/10
  sheywood - 8/7/10
  msirkin - 7/6/09
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