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Two Bar Mallet

  - Rife
The milled face grooves slightly press into the cover of the ball gripping and lifting it out of its own depression. As a result, the Two Bar putter only needs 1° of loft to simulate the same launch angle as traditional lofted putters (standard is 4 degrees) without the negative effects (backspin). The end result is a ball that launches into the air with a slight forward rotation instead of backspin.
  goobey - 7/28/13
best putter ever no bounce just a smooth roll
  dc8ce - 6/7/10
I tried multiple putters at our local golf shops (Odyssey, Nike IC, Ping Karsten) and this by far had the best roll to it. The milled grooves are amazing; no bounce that I've experienced off of my old putters. Just rolls straight and true. My buddies are amazed at how many long putts I've made in scramble tournaments we play. Highly recommended!
  parker19822 - 7/9/08
Not the best looking putter, and not the cheapest putter, but hands down the best roll I've ever had a putter put on the ball. This putter is amazing.
  airhead - 8/1/12
  dmarusyn - 7/18/12
  mark_price_ga - 6/6/11
  Tomi - 4/26/11
  rbelbin - 4/21/11
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