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The iN Putter Series elevates both feel and forgiveness by introducing new perimeter weighting and insert technologies. To achieve higher moments of inertia, the new models are engineered with center body cut outs which allows weight to be re-distributed to the perimeter for increased stability. Material removed from the center portion of the putters has been redistributed around the putter's perimeter increasing the MOI and leading to enhanced stability and forgiveness.
  cfalk27 - 7/10/10
Looks ridiculous, and I'm almost embarrassed to pull it out in front of people. But, good God, this thing is impossible to miss-hit. Put your head over the ball, line it up and that's exactly where the ball is going to go. I'd say it's worth 3 or 4 putts per round.
  joetkocs - 3/19/10
Amazing. Hits stable and true. Doesn't even feel like a mallet; looks and feels like a blade with ridiculous perimeter weighting. I can't wait to put it through the paces!
  trushar82 - 4/7/13
  Josh-ys - 11/20/11
  danielau - 7/27/11
  Bonnie Carol - 12/31/10
  props123 - 8/5/10
  mjordan20149 - 5/7/10
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