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White Hot XG Teron

  - Odyssey
The Odyssey White Hot XG utilizes a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance with any golf ball. Inspired by high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, the White Hot XG insert takes two materials with different properties and combines them to take the level of feedback and feel to an all-new high.
  camelrow - 9/20/09
Not only does this putter perform incredibly well but it also looks amazing. Nobody is going to snicker if you miss a 3-foot putt with this bad boy, they'll be too afraid to get shank'd.
  TSterling2 - 12/4/15
  CarterTC3 - 5/15/14
  gthomson - 8/8/13
  Lee_Rod - 12/27/12
  AJF27 - 6/29/12
  psycosniper87 - 6/1/12
  dhellem - 3/27/12
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