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Face-balanced, alloy mallet body with 3-D alignment aids offer easy alignment and consistent, solid feel and control at impact.
  windowsurfer - 2/15/10
Bought this new on a whim for $80 back in 1995 or so. Aluminum. I've wire-wheeled off all the finish and I keep the patina of "white rust" from building up with sandpaper. I take a chunk of tool steel to flatten the face. She's face-balanced and seems to like an inside-out stroke. Heavyish, but lighter than some Zebras, Elvira* is like her name - true and trustworthy. Keep yer Fangs and Camerons, I'll keep my money and remain loyal to the elegant Elvira.
  hackityhack - 3/9/09
lines on top give a great read on how smooth your stroke is. I'll be keeping this one another 5 years...
  ilikemusic88 - 8/31/08
i actually got this as a hand me down from my dad... GREAT PUTTER. that's all i can say. Putters today have grooves and everything but this is truely a great putter even by today's standards.
  Chris Forbes - 2/2/14
  mjkolba - 8/27/13
  danniego - 8/31/12
  Tyler Woods - 7/6/12
  rabblefrabble - 3/26/12
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