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  DougE - 8/1/11
Been using for 12 or 13 rounds now and love it. Easy to use. Manual is only a few pages, so it really is a simple to use device. Love the "touch-to-measure-to-any-spot" feature and close-up of greens. I use the pointy end of a tee on the touch screen when in need of exact yardage to a specific spot. Using my big wide finger on the touch-screen seems like it might be less accurate. Rechargeable batteries last 3 or 4 rounds, but I always carry an extra set in my bag, just in case. They are quick and easy to change. Screen is actually best viewed in direct sunlight. This is a huge upgrade from my old SkyCaddie. And all courses (it has thousands) are free. A great GPS, for sure.
  coojofresh - 12/14/10
really good GPS. this GPS is definitely one of the best if not the best on the market pound for pound. my only qualm is that the GPS to computer interface stats is not as in depth as it could be. there is potential for way more than what was brought to the table.

battery drains really fast and having to buy batteries really stinks. who knows why the html interfaces blows with stats. the free map part still rocks, but for the price of the device you should be able to have more with the html cpu based information that the device gathers.
  aznstunna - 8/25/15
  Mostlybogies - 12/22/13
  drumstick22 - 8/12/13
  Solus72 - 7/29/13
  houseman - 4/25/13
  station5174 - 4/15/13
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