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Know distances to Front, Center, & Back of the Green.
  dbozaan - 4/17/10
Definitely the best subscription based golf GPS for Blackberry Bold 9000. I have tried paid subscriptions to nRange Golf GPS and GolfLogix, and neither one has as many courses, acquires satellites as quickly, or is as easy to use. Distances are always within 1-3 yards of expensive GPS units and laser rangefindings used by some of my playing partners.

The new version released today now has aereal maps using Google Maps, which allows you to measure distance from your position to any spot on the hole you are playing by using the BB roller ball. GreenFinder also announced today that in the very near future they will be adding a scorecard feature and stat tracking to the software.

Definitely give this a try, you won't regret it. It is the best $35 that I've spent on golf.
  windowsurfer - 1/25/10
Just got it -- it's 41,852 yards from my office to the front of the first green at Sandpiper, where I'll play tonight. I have it on my BlackBerry 8330. Seems like the perfect tool as long as u do 't need the graphics. Tracks shot distances, roams and finds courses wherever u r. Will try this feature nxt wk on vacay in Manitoba. Google GreenFinder. UPDATE 1.25.10 - It DOESN'T WORK. Out of 20 tries, it has worked accurately, throughout the entire round, without re-calibrating exactly *once*. Save your $40.
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