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  activesense - 9/12/09
Primary selling point and the deal clincher for me was the zero cost operation of this unit. No annual subscription, no download fees.

This GPS locates satellites within 2 minutes and displays reasonably accurate yardage data compared to sprinkler heads and other markers.
It recognizes the course you are on automatically and will also detect which hole you are playing as you progress along the course. You can disable this feature if you choose.
They claim 13 hrs battery life and I have used it a total of 10 hours on 1 charge.
It has a simple measure feature which allows you to measure any shot with just 2 button presses. You can also use the built in scorecard to record strokes taken. It will not let you differentiate between strokes and putts, but thats what the paper scorecard and pencil is for.
Golf Buddy claim it will hold 20,000 courses which is about 19,900 more than any amateur golfer would need. The computer interface is easy to use for adding/upgrading courses and deleting unecessary courses in countries you may have never even heard of since their course database appears to be globally comprehensive.
I haven't needed to contact their customer service department for assistance or course updates so I cannot comment here.
So far, the only drawback is the limited hazard information. It gives distance to and carry info, but lacks detailed position data other than "LFT BNKR". How far to the left?? Not an issue on a course that you know, but on an unfamiliar course it could cause problems, but you can refer to the hole layout on the scorecard and figure it out.
To summarise, this is not the #1 GPS on the market today, but it is the best if you don't want to spend any money after your initial investment.
This is the B/W version which functions identically to the color 'Tour' model for many dollars less.
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