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Air Tour TW SP-8.5

  - Nike

  weekendhack - 7/31/09
I got these on closeout on a whim, and liked them so much I got a second pair. These are pretty comfortable right out of the box, and get more comfortable as you break them in. As far as grip and stability go, I feel like these are one of the best on the market. I'm coming from Footjoy Dryjoys and Adidas Powerbands. The Dryjoys were the most comfortable, but the least stable. Fit was also a problem, as they were good to start, but as they broke in, I found my foot sliding around a lot. The Powerbands were good, but they broke down fast. I somehow managed to chew a hole in one of the ankle liners, and the soles and insoles wore quickly. The Powerbands were comparable in terms of stability, but these Nikes look better and wear better. Also, for some reason, the Scorpion spikes in these seem to provide some incredible traction. All in all, these have been the best all-around shoe I've worn in the last 2 years, and they've held up well for 5 months.
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