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  jezskates - 11/13/09
It's always been a challenge to fit high performance golf shoes to me without some sort of modification, due to the size variance between my feet and a narrow dimension. Puma is the only brand that secures my foot well right out of the box. This particular model is exceptionally stable through the swing, and permits me to drive solidly through the ball even when I crank it harder. Please keep in mind that this uses an extremely rigid graphite sole plate, and takes a minimum 4 weeks to fully break in.
  rsweers - 6/7/10
  tagpro81 - 4/28/10
  seiich - 2/22/10
  EddieEls - 1/16/10
  kazlau - 12/26/09
  CB-BoysClub - 11/15/09
  Kggolf73 - 5/30/09
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