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Now, even the biggest swings stay grounded with adidas Men's Powerband 3.0. A re-engineered POWERBAND CHASSIS platform harnesses more of the swing's energy to deliver maximum power to the ball at impact. GRIPZONE's textured surface throughout the insole and extended into the heel locks the foot securely in place for more power and control. The addition of THiNTech low-profile technology brings the golfer even closer to the ground for better stability, balance and footwork.
  oneshot93 - 12/31/09
Very comfortable. A great shoe altogether, never slip when playing in rain or playing after it just rained.
  ToddRobb - 7/11/09
Great shoe. Switched over from Nike because they kept falling apart.
  bachy8 - 6/22/09
Most comfortable golf shoe I have ever had. Keeps feet dry. I will not need to buy new spikes for some time. Great job Adidas. Nike spikes fall apart.
  DFReuter415 - 11/13/13
  Rodolfo_Borella - 10/20/13
  cliffm161 - 7/1/13
  Gmpc - 4/22/13
  BryanBall27 - 1/24/13
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