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588 RS W-Series

  - Cleveland
Cleveland Golf, has created a wedge specifically for those that have trouble getting out of bunkers. The Cleveland Golf 588 RS wedge features 60 degrees of loft, a low center of gravity, and a low 8 degrees of bounce enabling you to practically cheat your way out of the bunkers. Cleveland Golf engineers pioneered the concept of computer milling both the face and "U" grooves of the wedge to create maximum spin, extraordinary consistency and superior control around the green.
  rw64 - 7/8/09
Club does what it promises to do: get you out of the sand.
  Ricardo Tovar - 2/7/15
  hmjequinox - 6/14/11
  Watkins88 - 3/28/11
  ray69 - 3/22/11
  Figjam0770 - 2/28/11
  B Ivey - 3/21/10
  Beay - 11/17/09
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