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MP-T10 Black Satin

  - Mizuno
Mizuno is proud to introduce the new MP T-10 line of high performance forged wedges featuring high spin Quad Cut Grooves. These new wedges combine Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forged feel with a Tour confirmed head shape and sole to provide unmatched precision in the short game.
  ikeandarb - 5/27/10
This club is the 2nd best wedge I've ever used and I love it. It goes exactly where I want it to and the weight of the club is on par with the way a good sand wedge should be.
  John55Ford - 8/22/14
  Justin8888CT - 9/13/13
  Thefudd - 4/15/13
  vjackson - 3/5/13
  keith wooten - 2/8/13
  sashinamba - 9/17/12
  noonan - 9/1/12
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