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The Cleveland Niblick combines a wedge's sole (8° bounce) to prevent fat shots, a putter's length for control, an irons leading edge to hosel transition for a natural address position, and a hybrid's increased heel-toe blade length, perimeter weighting and CG (center of gravity) depth to raise MOI (moment of inertia) and improve stability.
  Bhorne3rd - 7/6/10
Outstanding wedge, it help the golfer that has trouble figuring out just how to hit that shot within 20 yards of the green. Makes it easier to get it on and close to the hole.
  jevans - 3/30/10
Great all around club, especially from 100 yards and in.
Need to practice chipping with this to dial in the distance but is very easy to hit. Ball pops up effortlessly. Goes straight everytime.
  drialo1 - 1/15/13
  tucano681 - 11/4/12
  iogweeds - 6/11/12
  andyy - 5/16/12
  mattyk695 - 3/12/12
  colinjames1975 - 12/15/11
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