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  realinstaprom - 1/7/14
I think the price should be a decision making issue as well. While Moto X is quite cheap, I expect Sony to blow up the price for this device to nearly $700. Therefore $300 difference may affect anyone to ignore small flaws like no SD card.

But I welcome this new trend of smaller phones with great specs. I am waiting for too long to find such devices, my Nexus One will fall apart until I get a new phone.
  dvdanny - 7/12/13
Really good wedges for a ridiculous price. Performance wise they haven't let me down and the feel off them is awesome. Fit and finish is fairly good, not going to be as trimmed away as a $150+ dollar Vokey but other then the lack of a brand name on the clubhead, they don't look cheap. My only complaint is I wished they came in a bigger variety of bounce and lofts, like a 54 degree or a 60/10 configuration.
  swanman5454 - 6/20/11
Don't be set off by the no name of these wedges. These wedges perform very well and have a feel close to my old Vokeys. The price point on these make them an unbeatable value in my opinion.
  station5174 - 12/12/13
  Michael Moan - 8/16/13
  GolfOCD - 6/28/11
  Zac Self - 6/13/11
  dpbaxter - 4/11/11
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